By airplane

The nearest airport is the Airport Erfurt-Weimar, which is settled in Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia. Please verify that this airport can be used for your flight. We also recommend to use the airports in Frankfurt/Main (FRA), Leipzig/Halle (LEJ) or Berlin (BER). At all airports there are attractive train connections (ICE) to Suhl via Erfurt. From Leipzig/Halle you will need 1,5 hours, from Berlin 2,5 hours and from Frankfurt 3 hours to Erfurt.

From Erfurt you can take a train to Suhl. The train needs all in all 1 hour from Erfurt to Suhl. Of course you can also choose to travel the last 70 km by car or taxi. In this case please use freeway A71 and the exit 19 "Suhl/Zella-Mehlis".

Airport Erfurt-Weimar

Binderslebener Landstra├če 100
99092 Erfurt

Airport Leipzig/Halle

04435 Schkeuditz

Airport Berlin-Brandenburg

12521 Berlin

Airport Frankfurt/Main

60547 Frankfurt am Main


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