Virtual PATINFO2021

43rd Colloquium of the Ilmenau University of Technology on Patent Information and Intellectual Property Rights under the title Market success by smart IP strategy will take place from June 9 to June 11, 2021.

Please note the important information!

Due to the current pandemic situation we are forced to cancel PATINFO2021 as a face-to-face event!

PATINFO2021 will take place as a virtual conference!

  • The long presentations of patent, trademark and design experts on the topic "Market success through smart IP strategy" will be streamed on June 10 and 11.
  • The exhibitors' short presentations will be streamed as 5-minute presentations on June 10 (expected are 2 blocks with 10 short presentations each and 1 or 2 blocks with 5 short presentations each).
  • The exhibitors' workshops will be streamed in multiple consecutive sessions on June 9 (expected are 7 sessions with 3 parallel workshops each).
  • Download areas will be provided on an online platform.

At the PATINFO2021, we will examine how industrial property rights can help to prevail in the competition. A cleverly designed portfolio with interlocking patents, trademarks and designs helps to protect investments in new technologies. This also includes closely monitoring the IP environment of competitors, from monitoring applications, portfolio analysis and competitive intelligence to revealing patent and trademark infringements - keyword - anti-piracy. Valid patents with a sufficient scope of protection and a cleverly developed patent portfolio are as important as interacting with the patents and applications of other market participants, be it through monitoring, design around, opposition or licensing.


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Please register from 04.01.2021 using the Opens external link in new windowConference System of the TU Ilmenau.


Please register from 04.01.2021 using the Opens external link in new windowConference System of the TU Ilmenau.

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  • An administrative fee of € 50.00 will be charged for cancellation

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