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Providing information competently, quickly and comprehensively is the aim of PATON | Patent Center Thuringia (Landespatentzentrum Thüringen) at the Technische Universität Ilmenau.

For more than 25 years, a team of experts under the leadership of Dr. Christoph Hoock has been dealing with computer-based technical and patent information in teaching, research and practice.


Research and Analysis

In the department of  Opens internal link in current windowResearch and Analysis, experienced patent engineers search for information in the databases of various patent offices and hosts. Systematic searches can be carried out on scientific and technical issues, patents, standards, economic data, funding programs, conferences, scientific institutions and legal issues.

A special service of the department is Opens internal link in current windowpatent statistics and analysis. Based on area-specific research, competitors can be identified, market and company analyzes carried out, the development of selected areas of expertise presented and comprehensive trend analyzes offered.

Patent Management for Thuringian Universities (PATON-PTH)

Since 2002, patent protection and the commercialization of developments made at a university has become a statutory responsibility of universities themselves. Our aim is to allow the results of academic research to be applied in industrial fields more quickly and efficiently. As the coordinating agency, Patent Management for Thuringian Universities supports the partners by fulfilling this task and building bridges between science and industry.

For the industry, the PTH provides a Opens external link in new windowunique access to the largest technology pool in Thuringia, especially from the Thuringian science and research.


For more than 20 years, PATON has been providing Opens internal link in current windowcontinuing training courses in the fields of subject-specific and patent-related information for the students and staff members of the TU Ilmenau, as well as for employees of other institutions and the industry. According to the specific requirements of our customers, we have consistently extended the services we offer to also cover industrial property rights and IP management.

We also offer seminar modules that can be booked according to individual topics of interest and pre-existing knowledge level. The current seminars on offer are published semi-annually.

Anyone interested in training to become a patent searcher or Opens internal link in current windowpatent engneer / patent manager can attend a PATON Training Program specifically designed around topics relevant to these professions.

Public Reading Room

At the Opens internal link in current windowPublic Reading Room, established in the 1950s, research can be carried out using a variety of patent, design and trademark databases, as well as in economic topics. The full texts of industrial property rights can be printed or made available electronically if requested.

Users can seek Opens internal link in current windowassistance from PATON employees, obtain Opens internal link in current windowexpert advice from Thuringian patent attorneys, and Opens internal link in current windowsubmit application documents for industrial property rights.

Patent Information Technologies

The department of Opens internal link in current windowPatent Information Technologies is responsible for all matters concerning software and hardware, including:

  • maintaining the in-house network and the comprehensive patent full text system Opens external link in new windowPATONline;
  • maintaining and updating the PATON website;
  • developing PATONanalist - an Excel-based in-house solution for patent data processing;
  • developing Patent Map of Thuringia - solution for the visualization of regional patent data.
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