Monitoring search – always topical and contemporary

You - as the applicant for property rights or author of scientific publications - are very much interested in new publications in your field, by your competitors and in details of the competitive markets.

We offer you Initiates file downloadperiodic research into property rights (patents, utility models and industrial design) and in technical literature, as well as the business and financial press:

  • Your fields

    • Novelties, innovations and changes in your product area?

  • Your competitors

    • Innovative technologies, new markets?

  • Your markets

    • Trend developments and trend shifts?

  • Your property rights

    • Who is interested in them?

  • Property rights and your competitors

    • Their history and active markets?

So that question marks are replaced by exclamation marks!

Linking search options guarantee an optimal adaption to your specific needs and offer a comprehensive insight into changes taking place in your industry and the markets.

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